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Hello Parents!

My name is Katie Ladner and I am very eager to teach First Grade again this year. I was in first grade myself when I first decided I wanted to become a teacher. I have always had a deep passion and love for learning and my goal this year is to be able to create that interest in each one of my students.

First Grade is a fun year! We work hard to develop reading comprehension and reading fluency in many different ways. We learn how to write neatly and accurately in complete sentences. We use Word Study to learn spelling patterns in words to make spelling much easier to understand.

Math is a fun year as we learn basics in addition and subtraction and how to solve and write basic math word problems. We also introduce fractions, counting money, telling time, reading graphs, measuring, and so much more!

First Graders focus on seeing God as our Father in Religion. We read many bible stories together and also learn about many church Holy Days.

We have many fun projects this year! During All Saints Day each table will learn about a different Saint. Around Thanksgiving we will dress up like the Pilgrims and Indians and act out the first Thanksgiving, complete with a feast.  In the Spring the First Graders will practice and perform a class musical for the whole school.



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