4th Grade

Mrs. Margaret Walker

4th Grade Teacher



Welcome to the 4th grade page! This year is such an exciting year for students as they have so many new opportunities to grow and learn! This will be a year full of enthusiasm, learning, and song!  I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. While I have developed a love for Buffalo’s character and charm that is found behind the snowy facade, I have also adopted a travel bug and after schooling in Ohio and Massachusetts, I find myself here in Northern, Virginia! Believing in the importance of lifelong learning, I strive to develop strong habits of reading, writing, learning from others in friendships, and growing in my faith.

This year in literature, the students are diving into real-life situations and learning to better comprehend the world through these stories. The students are able to apply these reading skills across all content areas, including grammar, writing, and social studies.

Exploring Virginia history, the students are able to uncover events that took place in their own backyards, events that shaped Virginia into what they know today.  The glue behind each subject area and each of our lives is the focus upon religion. The students will grow as they integrate Catholic values into their everyday life. They will focus upon scripture and come to better understand how to apply the messages that were taught over 2000 years ago to their own lives.