Ms. Cindy Amador

Kindergarten Teacher

Welcome to Kindergarten!

It’s a great joy to be teaching Kindergarten! I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach,
guide and help the little ones in their development as a whole. My goal as a teacher is to help
my students grow to successfully reach their developmental and learning milestones.
The Kindergarten curriculum is designed in a way our students are exposed to different
concepts and terms in each subject area, such as math, science, social studies, and mainly
language arts. Kindergarten focuses on the readiness and writing development; students will
engage in a variety of activities which will introduce and extend emergent literacy skills. The
curriculum strives to provide a diverse and developmentally appropriate curriculum that will
meet the spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional and physical needs and abilities of each child.
Our Kindergarteners will have so much fun in their journey of learning and development, I’m
deeply grateful to be part of Queen of Apostles School, a community that embraces faith,
excellence and joy.