Mr. Frank Vuong

3rd Grade


3rd Grade Teacher

Mr. Frank Vuong

Hello there!

It is my third year here at Queen of Apostles School, also known as my “home away from home.” It has been a complete blessing, grace, privilege, and honor to be part of this school family; to serve as an educator in forming our students both academically and spiritually.

I originally come from sunny southern California, born and raised in a very diverse Los Angeles community. I completed my undergraduate education with a Bachelor’s degree (B.A.)  from the University of California Irvine. I earned my Masters in Education (M.Ed.) from Loyola Marymount University. I have specialties in elementary education as well as leadership in curriculum (I love planning out and creating new curriculum!). I have also spent a good number of years providing behavioral intervention for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as with students that have other learning and developmental disorders.

What you can expect from 3rd Grade is substantial development and deepening in our academic foundations and skills. Students are challenged with a more structural work environment along with higher expectations of excellence in their performance on assessments, projects, and presentations. Throughout the year, we improve on our writing skills, transitioning from writing only a few sentences into writing paragraphs with main idea topic sentences, detailed descriptions, and more complex sentences. We are also always working toward better reading comprehension with our reading strategies practiced in our reading groups and direct whole group instruction.

3rd Grade is a pivotal year in mathematics as we make our first formal encounter with multiplication and division. Students explore deeper into number sense and numeration with their foundational addition and subtraction skills before we shift into full gear of multiplication, division, and very subtle algebraic concepts. With our math curriculum, we hope to bring have math become more practical for our students and have them become more aware of the concepts that present themselves in their everyday life.

The first half of the school year is more focused on honing our basic skills and setting a stronger foundation for our students’ academic career. The second half of the year focuses more on combining many elements of their foundational skills and knowledge to be combined into interdisciplinary projects. Projects help students use what they know and practice their skills of learning to produce and express their talents. It is my hope that through differentiated instruction and interdisciplinary curriculum, we can foster an incredible learning environment that promotes spiritual, intellectual, and social growth.

The following are some of the main projects that our third graders engage in doing:

  1. Monthly Book Reports
  2. Saint Project
  3. Famous Americans Project and Presentation
  4. Ecosystem/Biome Dioramas
  5. The Parade of States
  6. Planets Project

It is my mission to serve the diverse needs of our students at Queen of Apostles School. It has been an amazing experience to work along the awesome staff, teachers, priests, parents, and families that make this school community so great. I am deeply grateful for all the love, dedication, and support that help make Queen of Apostles School a home of Faith, Excellence, and Joy.