5th Grade


Mrs. Ann Reid

5th Grade Teacher  / Assistant Principal


2017- 2018 is my eighth year at Queen of Apostles! I feel blessed to be part of such a great school community and to be involved in the lives of so many wonderful students each and every day. I myself am a product of Catholic education K-12 and appreciate the importance of imparting not only strong academics to the students, but also teaching them the values and charism of their faith daily.

I received my first Masters degree from George Mason University, specializing in Special Education. I taught for ten years in a special education school, truly learning the individualization of each student and how to see them through God’s eyes. I earned my second Masters degree from Marymount University, specializing in School Administration and Supervision. This degree helps not only me, but the school as well, in making good and right decisions throughout the day with students and families.

I am an Army brat, but have been in Northern Virginia for about half my life. I am a die-hard Kansas City Royals fan and love to read, travel, and watch sports. My husband and I have several pet fish.

Fifth grade is a fabulous school year and a wonderful age of growth! Throughout the school year we explore many new concepts while continuing to build on the basic building blocks. Students begin to move past rote memorization and really get their brains working with our fun and intense curriculum. The Apostles Creed is our focus in Religion and we will learn how to more faithfully live our faith daily. We also learn about the Sacraments and finish the year with a visit to the church to learn about the sacred vessels and vestments. Math skills start with large number multiplication and division skills. As we move through the year we learn about fractions, decimals, and even have an introduction to Algebra.

The 5th grade students hone their reading skills with various types of literature, as well as increase their vocabularies and grammar skills with activities throughout the day. We also work on writing skills with journal writing, learning to take notes in class, stories and even report writing.

A highlight of our year is the Living Wax Museum project- students will take on the persona of a person learned about during our Social Studies journey around the world!

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