Mrs. Frieda Cocozza


The Resource Program

The Resource Program at Queen of Apostles includes two designated resource teachers, Frieda Cocozza and Sara McMahon,  and our long-time volunteer Margaret Peiffer.

In the Resource Room we are always busy finding ways to make learning more accessible to our students.  In our room you will find many books at all reading levels, a reading couch, math manipulatives, games, supplies to complete projects, and anything else students will need to get the assignments done!

The program offers:

  • Individual and small group academic remediation and enrichment
  • In-classroom instructional assistance and accommodations
  • Standardized testing accommodations
  • Help with referrals to public school and private evaluations

Queen of Apostles’ principal, resource teachers, and classroom teachers work closely with local public schools and other professionals to ensure that students receive the extra attention and care they need to be successful.