Mrs. Nancy Ault

4th Grade


4th Grade Teacher

Nancy Ault

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Fourth grade really is fabulous! It is a year of wonder and discovery. The curriculum allows students to explore the past, present, and future in an exciting program, which promotes the spiritual, intellectual, physical and emotional growth of each child. Fourth graders fine-tune existing skills by applying them to achieve success in the classroom. They are “reading to learn” rather than “learning to read” enabling them to work more productively in groups and on an independent level as well. Some of our favorite activites include: writing scripts for dramatic presentations, participating in the Friday Mass, promoting our chosen charity, EWTN, through student-created advertising, fundraising for special trips, such as the annual trip to Jamestown, Virginia, creating hallway displays, and engaging in a wide variety of cross-curricular projects which promote learning! This grade could easily be called the perfect grade to teach because the students are old enough to grasp more abstract concepts, are eager to learn, and are very open.