Learning Resources at Saint Isidore

Saint Isidore recognizes the beauty and potential inherent within each student. We embrace the challenge to provide assistance and programs to serve students with special needs and learning differences according to the resources available to us through Queen of Apostles Catholic School. Our school is determined to provide classroom inclusivity to all students with special needs. Parents are considered an essential part of the process.


Saint Isidore students may receive testing services through their public school systems or private institutions. The principal and teacher may request that parents seek testing for their child through the public school system or a private practice. The public school systems provide testing for each individual at no charge for residents of their locality.


All children learn differently and some may require accommodations based on their needs. We at Saint Isidore know this and are dedicated to helping each student achieve their full potential. Reasonable accommodations are determined by the Student Assistance Plan (SAP), which is written based on IEP/504 plans or private testing recommendations. The school requires a copy of the test results and/or the IEP or 504 plan to be kept in the student’s confidential file.