Saint Isidore – Origin Story

A Call for Help

Saint Isidore of Seville began as a response to a call from teachers and families responding to the pandemic in our Diocese.  They were unable to return to a brick and mortar classroom but wanted to remain in a Catholic School.  This need along with an incredible amount of support from Bishop Burbidge and departments in the Chancery made Saint Isidore a reality.  Staffed with excellent teachers, and 150+ students, a school was born. 

God Will Provide

Unfortunately, the school’s viability came into question as enrollment numbers for 2021-2022 indicated a much smaller school.  It was clear that it would not continue to exist in its current form.  All was not lost, as its original purpose to serve students and teachers remained. Thankfully a solution was found! Starting July 1, 2021, Queen of Apostles Catholic School in Alexandria, VA began hosting the Saint Isidore Virtual Option, a concurrent online learning environment. Rooted in “faith, excellence, and joy” just like our host school, we created a multi-aged virtual learning environment similar to a one-room schoolhouse that accommodated students from two different time zones, six different states and even one family who travelled to Chile for half of the school year. God is good!