Frequently Asked Questions

Although we are a Kindergarten-8th grade school, Saint Gabriel Preschool/Daycare is located next door. Served by The Poor Sisters of Saint Joseph since 1970, they offer programs for 2/3 year olds and 4/5 year olds. Call 703-354-0395 or visit their website linked here.

We hope to open our own Pre-K for 4 year olds in the fall of 2024!

Parents may drop students off beginning at 7:45 am. Please refer to the Pick up/Drop off Procedures here.

The school’s office is open from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm.

Email is the best method of teacher communication. If you need to schedule an appointment with the teacher, please email them directly.

We follow the Fairfax County Public Schools emergency messages, where early and late school openings and closings can be found. The school uses the school messenger system to call, text and e-mail all the families. Information will also be available on our web page and social media platforms.

Email and your child’s teacher. You may also call the school directly before 9 am to report an absence.  The school will contact the family if a child is not reported absent.

(703) 354-0714

Homework requests MUST be received in the morning before 10 am and are to be picked up in the school’s office between 3:00 pm– 3:30 pm.

Students are to bring a packed lunch with a snack every day. Families may also opt in for our elective hot lunch program called Yay Lunch where hot meals are delivered to the school from local restaurants such as Noodles & Company and California Pizza Kitchen.

Click here to learn more!

The school nurse, Mrs. Earner, should be given necessary medical information at registration or on a need to know basis. You can reach her at

Students can get vaccinations through the local health department or from their doctor (check with Mrs. Earner).

All physical exam and vaccination information is due by the August 8th, 2023.

Medication Authorization forms can be found on our website, as well as in the handbook.  All medications (prescription or over the counter) that need to be taken during school hours MUST be brought in to the clinic by the parent, along with the completed medication authorization form.

All field trip information can be found in classroom newsletters and on special notes sent home pertaining to field trips.  All parents attending field trips must be OPCYP and VIRTUS compliant.

Please contact Ms. DeMartino at the front office if you would like to become a volunteer and/or be a field trip chaperone!

Bring your child’s lunch to the school’s office before 11:00 am, bearing the corresponding name and grade information.

Parents need to call the office or send a note with the child that is to be given to his/her teacher. Students who leave during the school day are to be picked up and signed out in the school office.

On regular, full school days, we begin dismissal at 3:05 with prayer and announcements over the intercom. Parents may form a car line outside to prepare for dismissal as early as 2pm.

We have various half days of school throughout the day in which we dismiss at 11:30.

On the second Wednesday of every month, we dismiss one hour early at 2:10 to allow time for our teachers to collaborate, catch up on various tasks, clean, etc.

**The school office will always send out announcements and reminders about early dismissal days.

Yes, please write a note or send an e-mail to your child’s teacher and the front office giving your permission.

Yes, click here for more information.

Our uniform guidelines may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook or located here.

Uniforms may be purchased during scheduled Used Uniform Sales (see School Calendar) and at: store locations

or in their store located at 9650 Main Street in Fairfax, (703) 503-5966.

  • Lands’ End online at From the Lands’ End home page, click on “School” in the top left corner, and then click on “Find My School” and follow the instructions to find Queen of Apostles by name and location or by school number.  Our school number is 900162751.