Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a preschool? 

Although we are a Kindergarten-8th grade school, Saint Gabriel Preschool/Daycare is located next door. Served by The Poor Sisters of Saint Joseph since 1970, they offer programs for 2/3 year olds and 4/5 year olds. Call 703-354-0395 or visit their website linked here.

When can students be dropped off at school?

Parents may drop students off beginning at 7:45 am.   Please refer to the Pick up/Drop off Procedures here.

What are the school’s office hours?

The school’s office is open from 8:00 am until 3:30 pm.

When is the best time to call and talk to a teacher?

Phone messages are taken between 7:50 am – 2:50 pm so classes are not interrupted.    Email is the best method to contact a teacher.  Email addresses are available on our Faculty/Staff page.

Which radio or TV station should I listen to for school closings?

We follow the Fairfax County Public Schools emergency messages, where early and late school openings and closings can be found. Emergency messages are also transmitted to local media, and parents are encouraged to listen radio or television. The principal uses the school messenger system to call, text and e-mail all the families. Information will also be available on our web page.

How do I find out if school is dismissing early for a weather emergency?

The principal uses the school messenger system to call, text and e-mail all the families. Information will also be available on our web page.  We also encourage parents to follow the Fairfax County Public Schools broadcasts emergency messages, where early closings can be found. Emergency messages are also transmitted to local media, and parents are encouraged to listen radio or television.  It is advisable to have an after school plan in case school closes early.

Who do I call to report that my child will be absent?

You may call the school directly (703)354-0714 or email before 9 am to report an absence.  The school will contact the family if a child is not reported absent.

When can I call for an absent student’s homework and when can I pick it up?

Homework requests MUST be received in the morning before 11:15 am and are to be picked up in the school’s office between 3:00 pm– 3:30 pm.

Is there a catered lunch program?

Hot lunch is provided Monday through Friday. The lunch has to be pre-ordered and paid in advance.

Whom do I see about medical information pertaining to my child?

The school nurse, Mrs. Earner, should be given necessary medical information at registration or on a need to know basis.

Where can students receive vaccinations?

Students can get vaccinations through the local health department or from their doctor. (Check with Mrs. Earner)

When is physical exam and vaccination information due?

All physical exam and vaccination information is due by the FIRST DAY that the student attends school.

What should I do if my child needs to take medication at school?

Medication Authorization forms can be found on our website, as well as in the handbook.  All medications (prescription or over the counter) that need to be taken during school hours MUST be brought in to the clinic by the parent, along with the completed medication authorization form.

Where do I find information about field trips?

All field trip information can be found in classroom newsletters and on special notes sent home pertaining to field trips.  All parents attending field trips must be OPCYP and VIRTUS compliant.

Under what conditions do the students have indoor recess?

Students will be outside for recess unless it is raining at the time of recess or the wind chill or temperature outside is 40 F or lower.

What should I do when my child forgets lunch?

Bring your child’s lunch to the school’s office before 11:00 am, bearing the corresponding name and grade information.

What should I do if I have to pick up my child early or during school hours?

Parents need to call the office or send a note with the child that is to be given to his/her teacher. Students who leave during the school day are to be picked up and signed out in the school office.

When are students dismissed?

Unless noted otherwise on our school calendar, students are dismissed at 3:15 pm Mondays through  Thursdays and 2:15 pm on Fridays.

Can my child ride in a friend’s car?

Yes, please write a note or send an e-mail to your child’s teacher giving your permission.

Is there a PTO at Queen of Apostles? How do I get involved?

There is a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO). The registration period is a good time to sign up, or you may contact the PTO president at any time if you wish to be a member.

Where can I find information about the school uniform?

Our uniform guidelines may be found in the Parent/Student Handbook or located here.

Uniforms may be purchased during scheduled Used Uniform Sales (see School Calendar) and at: store locations

or in their store located at 9650 Main Street in Fairfax, (703) 503-5966.

  • Lands’ End online at From the Lands’ End home page, click on “School” in the top left corner, and then click on “Find My School” and follow the instructions to find Queen of Apostles by name and location or by school number.  Our school number is 900162751.  You may also purchase most uniform items at the Lands’ End section of any Sears store.  If the store does not have the item you require, you may order them at the store and shipping will be free.

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