Our Faculty & Staff

Lower School Faculty

Kindergarten Miss Jacinta King j.king@queenofapostlesschool.org
1st Grade Mrs. Cindy Amador c.amador@queenofapostlesschool.org
2nd Grade Miss Catherine Nguyen c.nguyen@queenofapostlesschool.org
3rd Grade Miss Mary Powers m.powers@queenofapostlesschool.org
4th Grade and Assistant Principal Miss Maggie Walker m.walker@queenofapostlesschool.org
5th Grade Mrs. Jenna Mekus j.mekus@queenofapostlesschool.org

Upper Middle School Faculty

Religion,  7th Homeroom Miss Emily Hang e.hang@queenofapostlesschool.org
Social Studies Mrs. Audrey Kasenge a.kasenge@queenofapostlesschool.org
Literature/Language Arts, 8th HR Miss Rita Curley r.curley@queenofapostlesschool.org
Math Mr. Pierre Fabien p.fabien@queenofapostlesschool.org
Science, 6th HR, MS Coordinator Mr. Frank Vuong f.vuong@queenofapostlesschool.org

Specials, Support Staff, and Extended Day

K-8 PE & K-8 Computers Mr. Jonathan de Bernardo j.debernardo@queenofapostlesschool.org
K-8 Art Mrs. Annalisa Casazza a.casazza@queenofapostlesschool.org
K-8 Music Mr. Neil Weston n.weston@queenofapostlesschool.org 
K-8 Library and K-8 Spanish Mrs. Gloria Haring g.haring@queenofapostlesschool.org
Kindergarten Aide Mrs. Isabel Rodriguez i.rodriguez@queenofapostlesschool.org
Aide/Substitute Teacher Miss Star Danfora s.danfora@queenofapostlesschool.org
Resource Teacher Mrs. Frieda Cocozza f.cocozza@queenofapostlesschool.org 


Principal Mrs. Anne Arias a.arias@queenofapostlesschool.org
School Chaplain Fr. Joseph Rampino j.rampino@queenofapostles.org
Secretary Mrs. Maria Fox m.fox@queenofapostlesschool.org
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Monica Rossi m.rossi@queenofapostlesschool.org
Physician Assistant- Health Clinic Mrs. Maureen Earner, PA m.earner@queenofapostlesschool.org
Custodian Mrs. Silvia Escobar

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