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Queen of Apostles’ School Band operates within the curriculum of classes as a pull-out system. Each year Mr. Wentworth anticipates openings in both bands, which were developed with the concept of educating the well-rounded child with comprehensive music education. A student’s spiritual, academic, and artistic development act together to form a complete modern day approach. Instruments are usually rented through a local store at the beginning of the school year.

Beginner Band
The Queen of Apostles’ School Band draws student musicians from Grades 4 through 8. Grade 4 forms the major portion of the Beginner Band. However, beginners can come from any grade level and are highly encouraged to join. The Beginner Band meets for classes during the school day only.

The beginner program introduces six basic instruments for the first year student. They are as follows: flute, clarinet, alto sax, trumpet, trombone/baritone and drums. Beginners, because of age and size, are asked to stay with one of these instruments in the first year of band and will be allowed to consider other instruments after recommendation of the director.

Advanced Band
Advanced Band generally consists of students from 5th through 8th Grades with at least one year of experience. The beginner and the advanced programs take place on Wednesdays during the school year. Advanced Band members have classes during the school day and full band rehearsal after school. Our Advanced Band has all the standard instruments but tries to expand the instrumentation with larger instruments such as tuba, baritone, french horn, bass clarinet, trombone and tenor sax.

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