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Queen of Apostles Catholic School has a dynamic school community. Students, Faculty and Parents form a diverse group of people who share the same goals and aspirations, and who are bonded by one conviction of propagating our faith through authentically Catholic education.

With this in mind, the PTO promotes and supports programs that help our teachers teach, and our students to develop into well-rounded individuals who will perform well in academics, relate to others with compassion, and transform their lives through faith.

There are numerous opportunities for you to volunteer your time, talents, and resources as a member of our PTO. The environment for volunteerism at Q of A makes it possible for all of us to grow to become better persons. Ultimately, we all benefit from the service we give to one another and most especially, our children. Through the PTO, you will meet great people and form life-long friendships.


The PTO Board of Directors for 2018-2019


Tom Tennant

Vice- President

Jason Corbett


Laura Bacani


Christopher Garrett

Publicity Chair

Neal McCluskey


Brenda Brophy


Volunteer Coordinator

Fundraising Coordinator


Staff Appreciation


Anne Arias

Faculty Liaison

Frank Vuong


Fr. Alex Diaz

                To contact PTO, send an email to pto@queenofapostlesschool.org

PTO Bylaws

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